Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2025-2040 | Share Price Prediction of Azad Engineering Ltd.


Azad Engineering Limited, a celebrated manufacturer in the aerospace, defence, energy, and oil and gas industries, has recently experienced a surge of interest due to a noteworthy partnership. With over 15 years as a Tier-1 supplier, the company’s excellence in manufacturing mission-critical components for various sectors cannot be understated. The company’s dedication to producing highly sophisticated and precise components has placed it firmly on investors’ radars, especially in light of the recent buzz surrounding the Azad Engineering share price target.

The main catalyst for this buzz can be traced to a substantial order the company received from Rolls Royce. This collaboration is significant for Azad Engineering as it signals their ongoing commitment to innovation and quality within their respective industries. The Rolls Royce partnership showcases the potential for long-term growth and the ability to attract top-tier clients within the global market, increasing attention on the Azad Engineering share price target 2025. Insights into the possible increase of the share price in the coming days are now in high demand as investors and industry experts anticipate the potential impact of this prestigious partnership on Azad Engineering’s financial performance.

With this foundation in mind, the following sections will delve further into the key projects, services offered, and financial standing of Azad Engineering, as well as evaluate the factors that may influence the Azad Engineering share price target .

Analysis of Azad Engineering’s Yearly Results

Azad Engineering’s yearly results can be organised in the following table:

Yearly ResultsMar 2023 (Rs. Cr.)Mar 2022 (Rs. Cr.)Mar 2021 (Rs. Cr.)
Total Income251.68193.19120.51
Total Expenditure215.92146.81101.68
Profit/Loss before Interest, Exceptional Items & Tax65.5851.0023.98
Profit/Loss before Tax13.1938.3119.09
Profit/Loss after Tax8.5127.9713.51
Equity Share Capital1.651.511.51
Reserves (excluding Revaluation reserves)202.38123.9595.97

From the table, we can deduce the following key points:

  • Growing Incomes: There is a notable increase in the total income from operations year over year. This growth could indicate increased sales or other forms of income for the company.
  • Rise in Expenditure: There is also a significant rise in expenditure across the years, including factors such as interest payments, employee costs, and material consumption.
  • Positive Operating Performance: The profits before interest, exceptional items, and tax have been growing consistently, which means the company is earning more from its core business activities.
  • Increasing Interest Payments: The company’s interest payments in Mar’23 are considerably higher than in previous years. This could be due to increased borrowings, as observed in the balance sheet analysis.
  • Fluctuating Net Profits: The profits after tax show a significant increase in Mar’22, followed by a decrease in Mar’23. While the profit in Mar’23 is still higher than in Mar’21, this volatility could be due to various factors and warrants further analysis.
  • Growing Reserves: The company’s ‘Reserves excluding revaluation reserves’ have consistently increased over the years. This increase suggests a build-up of retained earnings or surplus, indicative of a robust financial health for Azad Engineering.

Azad Engineering Share Price

On January 30, Azad Engineering’s share surged remarkably due to strong positive market sentiment. Starting the day at an opening price of INR 723.30, the share experienced a significant uptick, reporting an impressive 19.99% gain to reach a market price of INR 854.30 as of 3:30 pm IST. This surge also represents the day’s highest price, indicating a bullish trend for the share.

This price jump signifies a substantial shift from the previous closing price of INR 711.95, further demonstrating an optimistic market sentiment towards the company. The current market capitalisation of the company is an impressive INR 5.05 trillion.

Today’s dynamic price movement which hit the upper circuit is largely on the backdrop of a significant deal with Rolls Royce. The substantial deal considerably uplifted market sentiment, leading to this robust increase in share price. Moreover, this upward trajectory has led the company to set a new 52-week high at INR 854.30, overshadowing its previous 52-week low of INR 642.40.

In summary, Azad Engineering’s share experienced a significant price appreciation today, largely driven by a lucrative deal with Rolls Royce. This notable price jump has led to a new 52-week high for the company, reflecting the strong investor sentiment and market confidence in Azad Engineering’s business prospects.

Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2024

Azad Engineering’s robust in-house expertise in engineering design, material development, and finishing operations serve as a distinctive advantage. This fosters complete control of production, assuring product reliability and quality. Their innovative capacity enhances responsiveness to market demands, fostering rapid product development. By continuously honing these capabilities, they can optimize costs, secure customer loyalty, and attract new clients. These strengths position Azad Engineering for sustained growth and bolster their competitive standing through 2024, setting the stage for achieving new milestones in the industry.

YearAzad Engineering First Target (₹)Azad Engineering Second Target (₹)

Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2025

Driven by rising global demand for civil and military aircraft, Azad Engineering is primed for growth through 2025. Its advanced, reliable manufacturing aligns with the expanding aerospace and defense industries’ needs. Innovation in space technology and defense missiles presents new opportunities. These industries’ long-term projects ensure steady demand for Azad’s products. As such, the aerospace and defense industries’ growth directly offers growth prospects for Azad Engineering, enhancing its market position and financial performance in coming years.

YearAzad Engineering First Target (₹)Azad Engineering Second Target (₹)

Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2027

Rising global energy demands, especially for cleaner sources, pave the way for Azad Engineering’s growth through 2027. As a primary manufacturer of critical components for the energy sector, Azad stands to benefit from this surge. The shift towards sustainable energy sources will expand the market for the company’s products, thus increasing demand. By aligning its production capabilities with this trend, Azad Engineering could substantially boost its market share and enhance overall growth over the next few years.

YearAzad Engineering First Target (₹)Azad Engineering Second Target (₹)

Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2028

Azad Engineering’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation is key to growth through 2028. By refining manufacturing and quality processes, Azad meets industry requirements effectively. The company’s commitment to innovation heightens the potential for developing advanced components, addressing evolving technological needs, expanding its offerings, and driving overall growth

YearAzad Engineering First Target (₹)Azad Engineering Second Target (₹)

Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2030

Azad Engineering’s global reach, serving clients in over 16 countries, serves as a launchpad for growth through 2030. This international presence allows the company to penetrate new markets, expanding its customer base. The relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) globally provide further opportunities for securing additional contracts. By capitalizing on its international footprint, Azad Engineering can attract new business, diversify its revenue sources, and attain significant growth, strengthening its global position in the coming decade.

YearAzad Engineering First Target (₹)Azad Engineering Second Target (₹)

Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2035

Azad Engineering’s diversified portfolio, stretching across aerospace, defense, energy, and oil & gas industries, serves as a substantial growth driver through 2035. This diversification reduces reliance on a single sector, minimizing vulnerability to industry-specific risks and ensuring steady income streams. Moreover, the broad experience across multiple sectors amplifies opportunities for cross-industry innovation. This diversified business model, coupled with the capacity to adapt and innovate, will contribute significantly to Azad Engineering’s long-term growth trajectory.

YearAzad Engineering First Target (₹)Azad Engineering Second Target (₹)

Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2040

With innovation at its core, Azad Engineering could significantly grow through 2040. This commitment enables them to stay ahead of industry changes, develop advanced solutions, and continually meet increasing customer expectations. Long-term success will come from consistently advancing their capabilities and adapting to technological evolutions, securing enduring relevancy and growth in the market.

YearAzad Engineering First Target (₹)Azad Engineering Second Target (₹)

Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2025-2040

Azad Engineering Share Price Target 2025-2040
YearAzad Engineering First Target (₹)Azad Engineering Second Target (₹)

Potential Challenges That May Impact Azad Engineering’s Market Performance

  1. Economic Downturn: A recession or an economic slowdown could impact Azad Engineering’s overall performance, as industries it serves may scale back investments or postpone projects, leading to reduced demand for the company’s products.
  2. Competition: Intense competition from rivals, both domestic and international, could exert pressure on Azad Engineering’s market share if competitors offer more innovative or cost-effective solutions, thus affecting its growth prospects.
  3. Supply Chain Disruptions: The company may face operational challenges due to unforeseen disruptions in the supply chain, such as shipping delays, natural disasters, or geopolitical risks, affecting the availability of raw materials and timely delivery of components.
  4. Technological Disruption: Rapid advancements in technology could render some of Azad Engineering’s offerings obsolete, prompting the need for continuous innovation and investment in R&D to stay relevant. Failure to keep pace with new developments could impact the company’s position in the market.
  5. Regulatory Changes: Stricter regulations in the industries Azad Engineering serves, such as environmental standards or safety requirements, could necessitate changes to manufacturing processes or the development of new products. Adapting to these changes may involve increased operational costs and could impact profit margins.


This chart and related information are for educational purposes only and should not substitute professional financial advice. Prior to making investment decisions, consult with a qualified advisor. Usage of this information without professional advice is at your own risk. Remember, investments bear potential risks, including loss of principal. Always conduct proper due diligence before initiating any financial transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the significance of the order Azad Engineering received from Rolls Royce?

The order received from Rolls Royce is a significant achievement for Azad Engineering, as it showcases the company’s expertise and ability to manufacture for large-scale and prominent entities. This partnership has made investors more optimistic about the company’s future growth and profitability.

Why has Azad Engineering’s share price surged recently?

Azad Engineering’s share price experienced a surge primarily due to the substantial order from Rolls Royce which has positively impacted market sentiment towards the company. The deal has highlighted Azad Engineering’s potential for further growth and success, leading to increased investor interest and an upwards share price movement.

What factors might impact the Azad Engineering share price target 2025?

Several factors can influence the Azad Engineering share price, including revenue and earnings growth, new partnerships or deals, changes in industry trends, competition, market sentiment, and broader economic factors. It’s also worth noting that unforeseen circumstances like supply chain disruptions, changes in regulation, or significant technological advancements could also impact the company’s performance and, subsequently, its share price.

What is the predicted share price target for Azad Engineering in 2040?

According to the estimates presented, the Azad Engineering share price might reach between INR 13,000 and INR 14,000 by 2040. These predictions are based on a variety of factors including market trends, industry growth, and company performance. However, these are just predictions and actual results may vary.

What challenges could potentially impact Azad Engineering’s share price?

Challenges that could potentially impact Azad Engineering’s share price include economic downturns, significant competition from other manufacturers, supply chain disruptions, changes in technology, and regulatory changes. It’s important for potential investors to take these factors into account when considering investments in Azad Engineering.

How has Azad Engineering’s financial performance been in recent years?

Azad Engineering has demonstrated a consistent growth in their total income over the past few years. While there have been significant rises in expenditure and interest payments, the company has been successful in maintaining a healthy profit margin. The company’s reserves have also been on an upward trajectory, indicative of its robust financial standing.

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