The Ups and Downs of Reliance Industries: A Simple Breakdown (September 2023)


Reliance Industries, one of the biggest players in the Indian market, has had a busy day today(20th Setember 2023). This powerhouse influences the pulse of the stock market – when it sneezes, the market often catches a cold. Let’s see how.

Major Event: The Big Block Deal of Reliance Industries

Ever heard of a block deal? It’s like a big, ‘block’ of shares that get bought or sold all at once. Picture a large box filled with goods, sold in a single go. That’s pretty much what happened today, with a big Reliance block deal worth Rs 4,563 crore. What resulted was a bit of a roller coaster ride for investors.

Impact on Reliance’s Share Price

Block Deal of Reliance Industries

The morning started with a bit of a jolt – Reliance’s share prices tumbled down by more than 3%. This took their price to a two-month low point of Rs 2,355. Not the best way to start the day, right? Then, by 11:45 a.m., Reliance’s shares were still trading lower at Rs 2,395.00, which was 1.70% lower than its previous closing price. Kind of like when your favourite team is still trailing behind at half-time.

Market Reaction

This stumble of Reliance had some serious ripple effects. It pushed the Nifty 50 index below the 20,000-point mark. The Nifty 50 is like the leaderboard of the stock market – it shows the top 50 companies. Hence, Reliance’s tumble was like the reigning champion messing up their game, affecting the overall leaderboard’s score.

Large Volume of Shares Changing Hands

Now, in all this hullabaloo, a lot of Reliance’s shares got traded – like, a LOT. If we typically see around 73 lakh shares traded daily, today it went up to two whole crores! It was like a big, bustling bazaar where everyone was trying to buy or sell Reliance shares.

Other Noteworthy News

In the middle of all this buzz, Reliance Jio – the telecom arm of this giant – decided not to stay quiet. They announced the launch of their new AirFiber internet service, starting on Ganesh Chaturthi. Seems like even when the shares were on a rollercoaster, the company was still rolling out new things!


Days like these put the ‘move’ in ‘market movements’. Whether you are an investor closely tracking every rise and fall or just someone interested in the market buzz, it’s events like these that make you sit up and take notice. As we look ahead, we remain alert and ready for the next twist or turn in this thrilling game of stocks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a block deal?

A block deal is a trade involving a large number of securities that are traded in a single transaction.

Why did the block deal affect Reliance’s share price?

Large deals often cause fluctuation in share prices. In this case, the block deal resulted in a surplus of Reliance’s shares in the market, which led to the price drop.

How did the drop in Reliance’s share price affect the Nifty 50 index?

Reliance has a significant weightage in the Nifty 50 index. So, when its share prices dropped, it contributed to a decrease in the index.

What does the volume of shares represent?

The volume of shares represents the number of shares traded during a given period. The unusually high volume indicates high investor interest and activity.

Why is there a surge in trading volume in Reliance’s shares?

The surge can be attributed to the block deal and the subsequent price drop, which probably attracted more buyers.

What is the AirFiber internet service announced by Reliance Jio?

The AirFiber internet service is a new high-speed internet service launched by Reliance Jio. The service was initiated from Ganesh Chaturthi.

Does the stock market always react this way to block deals?

Not necessarily, the reaction depends on various factors like the size of the deal, the involved companies, current market conditions, investor sentiment, and more.

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