“Watch Out Investors: IRFC Shares Surge like Never Before! ( September 2023) “

Introduction to IRFC

Before getting to know why IRFC shares surge lets get into a little story . We all remember the thrill of train rides since our childhood holidays were celebrated in our nani’s house and the most preferred mode of transport would be trains. I know I used to love the train rides. But the Indian Railways can be big business too! Have you heard of Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd (IRFC)? The company has been making headlines like never before as IRFC shares surges 20% during intraday trade on 4th September 2023. Let’s get into what the matter is all about.

IRFC Shares Surge

On the 4th of September, IRFC’s shares or stocks shot up by 20% hitting the upper circuit in its way ! Imagine it as having 20 more chocolates today than you had yesterday, just like magic! This happened because more people decided to buy these shares on that day than they usually do. This increase in buying is what we call, a rise in trading volume. So, how much did the share price climb? It increased by 20%! That day, it was trading at 66.90 INR, which was 11.15 INR higher than its last market value.

Trading Prices and Volumes of IRFC Share

As the trading volume went up, even the price of each share climbed. It reached Rs 66.90, marking an increase of 20 percent. That’s as if the price of your favourite comic book went up! There were so many shares being bought and sold that by mid-day, it was as if 30 crore comic books had exchanged hands!

IRFC Shares surge

Comparison of the Current Surge to Prior Performance Of IRFC Share

Over the last two days, the rate at which people were buying and selling (Facebook likes equivalent) IRFC’s shares, was more than a whopping 31% greater than usual! That’s massive! This is not the first time IRFC experienced such exciting days. Back on the 31st of August, a similar increase was seen with a trading volume of 27 crores.

Connection to Trading Volume Averages Of IRFC Share

Normally, the IRFC sees an average of 11 crores shares (imagine 11 crores copies of your favourite game) exchanged in a week and 17 crores in a month. But recently, this trading volume has skyrocketed, much like when everyone in your school suddenly wants to have the latest fashionable backpack.

Increase in Market Capitalisation Of IRFC

Because of this sudden increase in share prices, the total value of all IRFC shares, known as ‘market capitalisation’, has zoomed past Rs 86,056 crore plus . Imagine owning a chocolate factory worth Rs 86,056 crore or more!


Just like the excitement you feel when your favourite superhero flick releases or when you score the highest in your favourite video game, the world of finance and stocks have their thrilling moments too. The recent surge in IRFC shares is a perfect example of that, with a share price increase of 20% climbing 11.15 INR to a value of 66.90INR. Understanding these may seem difficult but with analogies with comic books, chocolates and video games.

And who knows, maybe one day, you might be the one creating such excitement in the market!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are IRFC shares surging?

The surge in IRFC shares was due to increased buying on 4th September 2023. More people decided to buy these shares on this day than they usually do, leading to a rise in trading volume and subsequently a surge in share prices.

What is the highest ever recorded surge in IRFC shares?

On the 4th of September 2023, IRFC’s shares shot up by 20%, hitting the upper circuit in its journey. That day, it was trading at 66.90 INR, which was 11.15 INR higher than its last market value and hitting an all time high.

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