Wadia Group’s Rs 5200 Crore Property Sale in Worli Sparks a Surge in Stock Prices


The Wadia Group, a prominent Indian conglomerate with interests in various sectors, is making headlines due to its latest property sale in Mumbai. With a hefty price tag of Rs 5200 crores, the company is selling its prime 22-acre property in Worli, a highly valued region in the city. The Japanese firm Sumitomo Realty & Development is the potential buyer of this massive plot.

Worli Real Estate Deal

The Worli property is strategically located in an upscale region in Mumbai and spans a vast area of 22 acres. The Wadia Group has agreed to sell it to Sumitomo Realty & Development, a Japanese real estate development firm, for a staggering Rs 5200 crores (52 billion rupees).

This deal comes as one of the most significant real estate transactions in recent years, not only in Mumbai but throughout India, demonstrating increased activity in the property market.

Impact on the Stock Market

The news of the property sale has already made waves in the stock market. Shares of companies within the Wadia Group, namely Bombay Dyeing and Bombay Burmah, have soared to their highest levels in 52 weeks. Investors in these companies now have reason to celebrate as the impact of this deal reflects positively on the firm’s stock prices.

Wadia Group

Bombay Dyeing Stock

Bombay Dyeing Stock
Stock Price153.40 INR
Change in Price (This Year)+47.95
Percentage Change (This Year)+45.47%


  • The stock price of Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company stands at 153.40 INR currently.
  • Over the past year, it has seen a commendable increase of 47.95 INR.

Bombay Burmah Stock

Stock Price1,258.80 INR
Change in Price (This Year)+250.65
Percentage Change (This Year)+24.86%


  • The current stock price for Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd is 1,258.80 INR.
  • The stock has encountered a positive movement of 250.65 INR over the past year.

Mumbai Property Market

The real estate and stock markets are closely observing the reaction to this deal. With the sale of such a prized asset, it is natural to speculate how this might influence the future of the Wadia Group and the Mumbai real estate market. Expert opinions on the matter may vary, but many agree that the transaction showcases the potential for further growth and development in the region.


In summary, the Wadia Group’s sale of their Worli property for Rs 5200 crores has resulted in a boost to the company’s share prices and has garnered significant attention from the market. It will be interesting to see how the company’s decisions shape their future strategies and the overall landscape of the city’s real estate realm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the Wadia Group?

The Wadia Group is a prominent Indian conglomerate with interests in various sectors, including textiles, chemicals, aviation, and consumer goods.

What is the nature of the property deal between Wadia Group and Sumitomo Realty & Development?

The Wadia Group is selling its prime 22-acre property in Worli, Mumbai for Rs 5200 crores to the Japanese firm Sumitomo Realty & Development.

How has this property deal affected the Wadia Group’s stock prices?

Following the announcement of the property sale, the stock prices of both Bombay Dyeing and Bombay Burmah, part of the Wadia Group, have reached their highest peak in 52 weeks.

Why is this property deal considered significant?

The deal is considered significant due to its size, value, and impact on both the real estate and stock markets. It represents one of the largest real estate transactions in India in recent years and has spurred increased activity in the property market.

What potential impact could this deal have on the Mumbai real estate market?

This transaction showcases the potential for further growth and development in the region, and it may influence the future strategies of both the Wadia Group and other players in Mumbai’s real estate market.

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