“Yatra Online’s Remarkable Roller-Coaster Ride: An Unforgettable 1st Day in the Stock Market”


Yatra is a well-known company that assists people in booking their travels online through their user-friendly platform. They recently decided to sell a part of their business to the public, a process known as an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This article aims to explain the details of IPO and its stock market debut.

Understanding an IPO and Yatra Online’s Journey

An IPO is similar to a big sale event where companies begin selling pieces or shares of their business to the public. This allows companies to raise funds for growth and expansion, while also giving people a chance to invest in the business. Yatra also embarked on this journey, setting a starting price for each share to be sold to the public.

Yatra’s First Day at The Stock Market

Yatra Online's Journey

On the first day the shares were available for purchase in the stock market, Yatra started selling at Rs 127.50 per share. This was somewhat unexpected as the starting price was lower than the price they had announced earlier—akin to getting a 9% discount on a brand-new toy when it’s first released. This unusual opening price left many market analysts puzzled.

Yatra’s Shares Performance Throughout the Day

Throughout the trading day, the price of Yatra’s shares kept changing, much like how the score in a cricket match fluctuates as the game progresses. The price went up when more people wanted to buy shares and went down when more people wanted to sell them. By the end of the day, each share’s price had risen to Rs 135.90, displaying an overall upward trend in the price.

Market Experts’ Opinions on Yatra’s Debut

The share market debut of Yatra Online caught the attention of many analysts and experts. Some felt that it was not a particularly good start, while others believed that this type of event sometimes happens and it’s not a significant issue in the long run. However, there was consensus that Yatra’s debut made for an interesting day in the stock market.

Comparing Yatra to Other Online Travel Booking Companies

When comparing Yatra’s stock market entrance to other popular travel booking companies like MakeMyTrip and Cleartrip, it’s evident that Yatra had a rather different start. Typically, shares of companies in this industry don’t begin their trading journey at a discounted price.

What’s Next for Yatra?

By selling its shares to the public, Yatra has gathered funds to help grow and improve its services. The company aims to enhance its website usability, invest in marketing, and reach more potential customers. Additionally, Yatra plans to explore new markets and invest in cutting-edge technology to better serve its clientele.

Conclusion: Yatra and the Stock Market

Yatra‘s foray into the stock market undoubtedly created some waves. Although it had an unusual start, the industry and stock market enthusiasts are keen to see how the company fares in the upcoming days and if the shares’ value will rise further. With Yatra’s plans to improve and expand its services, the company could very well become a dominant player in the industry—much like a thrilling cricket match where fortunes change in the blink of an eye.

Yatra Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a process where a private company offers its shares to the public to raise funds. It is the first time that the company’s stock is available for public purchase.

What was Yatra’s IPO price?

Yatra Online’s shares were initially priced at Rs 127.50 per share at the beginning of its trading in the stock market.

How did Yatra’s share price change on its first day in the market?

The price of Yatra’s shares fluctuated throughout the trading day. It started at Rs 127.50 per share and ended the day at Rs 135.90 per share.

What was the market reaction to Yatra’s IPO?

The reaction to Yatra’s debut in the stock market varied amongst market experts. Some believed it was not an ideal start, due to the unexpected discount on the IPO price, while others felt it was not a significant issue in the long run.

How did Yatra perform compared to other online travel companies?

When compared to similar online travel booking companies like MakeMyTrip and Cleartrip, Yatra had a rather unusual start with their shares beginning to trade at a discount.

What are Yatra’s plans for the funds raised through the IPO?

Yatra plans to use the funds raised from the IPO to improve and expand their services. They aim to enhance the functionality of their website, invest in marketing initiatives, and reach out to more potential customers.

Is it common for shares to sell at a discount on their first day of trading?

No, typically shares don’t start trading at a discount. It’s more common for shares to be listed at their announced price, or even higher if there’s high demand.

Where can I buy Online’s shares?

Yatra Online’s shares can be purchased on the stock exchange through a brokerage account. If you do not have a brokerage account, you can set one up through various online platforms or through financial institutions that offer such services. Do remember to research thoroughly and review multiple options before making a decision.

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