JP Power Share Price Target for 2023-2035 | Share Price Prediction of Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd.


JP Power, also known as Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited, is an Indian company known for its significant presence in the power sector. With a diversified portfolio in hydroelectric power, thermal power, and renewable energy, JP Power aims to meet the growing energy demand in India.

In this article, we will discuss JP Power share price target , history, its current share price, future price predictions, and the factors influencing these trends.

JP Power Share Dividend History

The last dividend was given in the year 2009 and since then the company has not been able to give out dividends.

Announcement DateEx-DateDividend TypeDividend (%)Dividend (Rs)

Major Influences on Share Price of Jaiprakash Power

  • Changes in the Indian power sector landscape
  • Company’s performance on project execution and financial results
  • Demand-supply situation of power in India
  • Regulatory and policy changes by the government

JP Power Share Price Today

As of September 25, 2023, the share price of Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd, often referred to as JP Power, stands at INR 10.60. This marks an increase in value by 1.92% to hit an increment of INR 0.20.

The new share price reflects the most recent assessment of JP Power’s value on the stock market. The fluctuations in the share price, as indicated by the increase, can be depicted as a result of various factors; including the overall performance of the company, the status of the market in its industry, and wider economic circumstances.

In summary, the current rise in JP Power shares can point towards market confidence in the company’s future performance and growth potential. Staying updated with such information is crucial as it provides vital insights into the economic health and future direction of the company.

jp share price target

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Future Predictions of JP Power Share Price

Caution: These are predictions and should be taken with a grain of salt. Before making investment decisions, please consult a financial advisor.

JP Power Share Price Target 2022

Jp power target for 2022 has been meet and one can check the target on past charts.

JP Power Share Price Target 2023

JP Power Share Price target 2023

In 2023, the power generation industry, including JP Power, is expected to grow as countries worldwide transition towards cleaner, renewable forms of energy. With its consistent performance and previous increase in share prices, JP Power might witness a positive growth trajectory. Its stock performance is likely predictive of the company’s potential and stability, sparking interest from potential shareholders and financial institutions.

YearFirst Target(₹)Second Target(₹)
20239.35(already met)12.65

JP Power Share Price Target 2024

JP Power Share Price target 2024

In 2024, JP Power’s robust presence in shareholding analyses and detailed information available on various financial platforms might lead to more informed investment decisions. Improved governance, stronger financial controls, and an optimistic market shareholding change could ensure JP Power’s upward progression. Investors could gain a deeper understanding of the company’s strengths, mitigating risks, and maximizing returns.

YearFirst Target(₹)Second Target(₹)

JP Power Share Price Target 2025

JP Power Share Price target 2025

In 2025, JP Power’s strong industry presence, tied with the global emphasis on renewable energy, can breed success. Need for power generation is irreducible, situating JP Power at the heart of an essential industry. This strength, coupled with their dedication to renewable energy methods, places them at a competitive advantage, securing a positive outlook for JP Power shares.

YearFirst Target(₹)Second Target(₹)
2025 1723

JP Power Share Price Target 2026

JP Power Share Price target 2026

By 2026, as the dependence on fossil fuels decreases and the demand for renewable energy grows, companies like JP Power strike gold. Their commitment to cleaner energy solutions, coupled with the rising demand in the market, could be a crucial factor driving an optimistic view of JP Power stocks. This green shift will likely contribute to the company’s robust growth and affirm investor faith.

YearFirst Target(₹)Second Target(₹)

JP Power Share Price Target 2030

In 2030, technology advancements and digital integration could play a significant role in shaping JP Power’s performance. Leveraging advanced technologies for energy production, management and distribution could result in increased efficiency, profitability, and consequently, the appeal of JP Power’s shares. The company’s ability to adapt to the energy transition will continue to bolster the company’s reputation and market value.

YearFirst Target(₹)Second Target(₹)

JP Power Share Price Target 2035

Looking ahead to 2035, JP Power’s commitment to long-term sustainability goals could secure its position in an ever-evolving market. As global focus becomes more centred on sustainability and carbon neutrality, companies driving these changes will be at the forefront of investment opportunities. JP Power’s ongoing commitment to cleaner energy would likely significantly boost its share value, representing a promising future for its stakeholders.

YearFirst Target(₹)Second Target(₹)

JP Power Share Price Target 2023-2035

YearFirst Target(₹)Second Target(₹)

Major Influencing Factors for JP Power Share Price Target

  • Economic Growth: India’s overall economic growth and increased energy demand will impact JP Power’s share price.
  • Government Policies: Regulations and policies related to the power sector will shape the company’s future prospects.
  • Shift to Renewable Energy: As JP Power expands its renewable energy portfolio, it may impact investors’ sentiment.
  • Company Performance: JP Power’s financial results, debt management, and successful project completion will influence its stock value.

Shift to Renewable Energy

JP Power’s strategic move towards renewable energy projects is touted to be a significant factor in future growth. This shift will help the company stay competitive, reduce its carbon footprint, and tap into the growing demand for clean energy.

  • Renewable Energy Expansion: JP Power is set to invest in wind, solar, and hydroelectric power projects.
  • Investor Benefits: Renewable energy’s long-term prospects make it an attractive investment opportunity.

Company’s Financials

Given the most recent financial data for JP Power, we can make further assessments about the company’s performance:

Revenue: For March 2023, the company posted a revenue of INR 1.38T Cr, indicating a 1.87% year-on-year growth.

Net Income: The net income shows a marked improvement with -INR 43.99 Cr, an outstanding increase of 1837.89% compared to the previous year.

Net Profit Margin: Despite being in negative territory with -3.19%, the net profit margin notably improved by 1893.75% year-on-year.

Operating Income: The operating income for the company stood at INR 162.14 Cr, registering a slight increase of 0.25% from the previous year.

Cost of Revenue: The cost of revenue was recorded at INR 1.04T Cr, marking a 3.65% increase year-on-year.

Please note that the data for diluted EPS (Earnings Per Share), net change in cash, and cash on hand have not been provided.

These figures paint an overall picture of financial improvement and growth for JP Power, a crucial consideration for potential investors.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is JP Power’s main area of business?

JP Power, also known as Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited, is an Indian company with a significant presence in the power sector. Their primary areas of business include hydroelectric power, thermal power, and renewable energy.

What is the current share price of JP Power?

As of the most recent update, the current share price of JP Power stands at 6.10 INR. Please keep in mind that share prices are subject to market fluctuations and it is advisable to check updates from reliable financial news sources or trading platforms.

What factors influence JP Power’s share price and its prospects?

Major factors influencing JP Power’s share price include changes in the Indian power sector landscape, the company’s performance on project execution and financial results, demand-supply situation of power in India, and regulatory and policy changes by the government.

What is JP Power’s strategy in renewable energy?

JP Power has been making a strategic move towards renewable energy projects, including investments in wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. This shift is aimed to help the company stay competitive, reduce its carbon footprint, and meet the growing demand for clean energy.

How has JP Power’s recent financial performance been?

JP Power’s financial performance in recent years has shown improvement in various parameters like revenue, net income, and operating income. While the company still faces challenges in some areas, such as net profit margins, the overall trajectory indicates a potential upswing in fortunes.

Where can I find reliable information about JP Power’s share price and financials for decision-making?

Reliable information on JP Power’s share price and financials can be found on financial news websites, company filings and reports (available on their website or regulatory agencies like SEBI), as well as through consulting financial advisors, who can provide tailored advice based on your specific investment goals and risk appetite.


Navigating the often choppy waters of the stock market requires not just information, but insight; not just data, but discernment. The cases and predictions for JP Power presented through this article provide that crucial context. The road ahead for JP Power is tinted with a hue of both uncertainties and opportunities. Their strategic shift towards renewable energy adds a dimension of sustainability to their portfolio which today’s conscious investor may appreciate.

The dramatic turnaround in their financial performance indicates a potential upswing in fortune. But, keep in mind, the stock market is a dice game, governed by a wide array of constantly evolving factors.

Investment, like life, is a risk. Yet, it also holds a promise, the promise of contributing to India’s power story and possibly generating returns in the process. Are you ready to be a part of that narrative, guided by your research and insights? As we proceed into an exciting future, your investment decisions should be as informed as they are bold, every step of the way.

Always remember to seek advice from seasoned financial advisors, as they can provide valuable guidance to navigate through the intriguing universe of investment. And finally, keep monitoring the winds of the market, for they shape the tide and currents. After all, fortune favors the informed investor!

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